Antesis 2019


  Designed to highlight the beauty of the woman who wears it and make it "bloom", the new bridal collection of Javier Quintela is born. A collection inspired by the anthesis, a period of floral splendor. From the emotions and feelings that flowering transmits in its apogee, subtle and elegant garments emerge; lightweight garments inspired by the shapes and volumes of the flowers.


  From this look, towards the nature that surrounds us, delicate garments are conjugated and free of artifice. The lightness of its fabrics evokes the air that runs through each petal during this flowering, giving rise to a sweet, elegant and leisurely movement.


  All this translates into pledges of purely pure lines, endowing the collection with a timeless beauty.


  Each of them is designed to adapt to the bride who will use it, their tastes, their needs, their physiognomy, their dreams ... You can make changes in the garment in both form and materials, choosing from a selection of exquisite fabrics and trimmings that we have in the Atelier. All the garments of the collection are made to measure and handmade, pampering every detail so that it is part of you.





  Garments  Javier Quintela Atelier

  Photography Boquerón á feira

  Make up Adela Domínguez 

  Hairdressing Laura Torrente (Mamen & Mery Hair)

  Model Alba Núñez 

  Jewelry The Symmetry 

  Headpieces and hats Félix de Martín

  Shoes Marian Loves Shoes

  Flowers La Florería