Our fashion concept is not temporary and outdated, we do not make dresses with expiration date, that’s why our collection is continuous.


  The collection is made up of handmade pieces, designed to highlight the femininity, sensuality and elegance of each woman. A continuous collection in which some styles will disappear to make room for new additions. New styles away from trends, which you can use over the years and remain as current as today.


  Garments created with the intention of becoming your wardrobe background. Classic patterns, worked and contrasted, we adapt to your measurements creating silhouettes for women, different styles and events with something in common: shine in a unique moment.


  Each one of them is made to order in the size and color chosen (within a color chart, where in some models the white is included, perfect for brides), always respecting the artisan manufacturing processes, both in the cut and in the garment and in the finishes of the garments.


  If you are interested in purchasing any of the pieces of the collection you just have to send us an email, specifying model, color and size, and we will get in touch with you.




Vagalar 2019

colección Invitada 2017/18