Before starting his solo adventure, Javier has learned for more than 10 years in the most influential international fashion companies such as Inditex, Caramelo or Carolina Herrera. In 2010, he decided to make his passion for haute couture his work, creating the Atelier in the heart of his hometown, A Coruña.


   Individuality of each piece and each person is pampered, as well as the importance for detail, using craftsmanship as a way of working and closeness with customers, bringing heart to an increasingly standardized world.


  "I love fashion, art, nature, architecture and natural elegance. I live life with passion and find inspiration every day in everything that surrounds me.


  In each of my creations I try to capture that passion for my work, for beauty, for getting the best out of myself, but above all for every woman".



                                             Photo: Boquerónafeira.