How we create your dress.


  We can choose, depending on your preferences, either a dress from our  collection as a starting point or creating an exclusive one for you completely from scratch according your ideas.


  The full process for the realization of a dress lasts approximately three months, during which we will keep several appointments and perform a couple of fittings. To guarantee the highest quality and due to its craftsmanship we only make four dresses a month, so It is necessary to make the reservation of the date minimum 6 months in advance.


  All our garments are hand made, from their design to the cutting, the confection and final finishes, a process certified by the prestigious "Artesanía de Galicia" badge. Javier has the recognition of "Modist craftsman" and the atelier has the denomination of "Handcraft Workshop", endorsed both by the Department of Commerce of the Xunta de Galicia and by the Crafts Foundation of Galicia.


  If you want a unique and special dress, designed exclusively for you and made with love, this is the process we must follow:



  The interview


  In our first meeting, arranged by appointment, we will discuss your personal tastes and check what best suits your style and physiognomy. You´ll be free to tell us the details, ideas and preferences that you would like to be part of that special dress.


  We will show you a great variety of  quality fabrics adapted perfectly to the design and we will be able to advance you an approximate budget, which may vary depending on the final design decisions, chosen fabrics, times and difficulty of pattern making and its elaboration.



  The proposals


  In our second meeting you will be presented the sketches with the proposals that best fit the information collected in the interview, and the vision that Javier has of you. Always trying to reflect in each one of them your best version, assuring you that they will fit you without ceasing to be yourself.


  Side by side with Javier, you will select the model and the ideal fabrics. We can also advise on styling or make the accessories you need for your dress as we work with the best professionals in the sector.


  Finally we will take your measurements that will allow us to srtart making the pattern of the chosen model.



  Third appointment


  This third date is very important: finally you can try on the prototype of your dress!


  We will perfectly adjust the pattern to your body and make the appropriate changes so that your new dress suits your expectations. This first test is essential for us since it is the passage from paper to tissue, and we have to make it adapt to your body like a glove.


  The sense of proportion and the taste for detail are essential for a better final result: a garment that makes you feel beautiful, sure of yourself and comfortable.




  Final fitting


  This is one of the most anticipated moments because you will be able to see and try the style practically finished. This final fitting  will also help us to make small adjustments to your dress, if necessary, before moving on to the last finishing and ironing process.


  It is important that to this last test you bring all the clothes (underwear, shoes, accessories ...) that you are going to use with your new dress, to be able to see the complete look.


  Your dress


  And, finally, a few days after the final fitting, it comes the day when we will bring you your finished dress, conveniently protected by a suitable packaging and ready to be used.


  The high quality of the fabrics, the profusion of creativity that is born in the Atelier and the experienced hands that handcraft each garment, will make the result a unique piece. A dress with a special sentimental value, since it is unique and you will have been part of the whole creation process. A garment that is designed exclusively for you and adapts your body like a second skin. A piece that will accompany you in that special moment and always.


  Wrap yourself in it and shine!